Failsafe Diet Explained

There are days when I think “What have I started?” in trying to manage, not only the kids & their challenges, but this way of eating.  I wish we could find a fast food place or take out restaurant that worked on evenings when things are chaotic, but there just isn’t one here (that I’m aware of).  So why continue?  Good question.

I cannot get past the fact that my DS7 (Aspergers) no longer complains of stomach pains and that his meltdowns have decreased from 80% to 35% (per our Behavioral Therapist) and my DS3 (ADHD) no longer climbs up the furniture like Spiderman nor dashes out in front of cars in a busy parking lot while I dig in my purse for keys.

This diet is hard to want to stick to & can, at times, be hard to navigate…but the benefits are worth it in my eyes.  I am a sucker for a shortcut or a timesaver…that is what motivates me to do this blog…if I can make this journey easier for just one other mom, mission accomplished.

Since we are a new blog…I will be posting, in the midst of recipes, helpful hints & links.  Check back often and thanks for reading.

Here is exactly WHAT the F.A.I.L.S.A.F.E. diet is…a great explanation that was extremely helpful to me when just starting out…



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