About the F.A.I.L.S.A.F.E. Lifestyle

F.A.I.L.S.A.F.E. stands for “Free of Additives, and Low In Salicylates, Amines and Flavor Enhancers”

Making the decision to go “FAILSAFE” is not an easy one.   It took roughly 3 months of studying and preparing our household, along with recipe trials before feeling confident in what we were taking on.  Our family started with Sue Dengate’s “The F.A.I.L.S.A.F.E. Cookbook” and all information on this blog is from that source.  We did/do not have a doctor or dietician assisting us in this process as there are none in our area that have heard of this diet or were willing to take it on.  This blog is strictly Mom to Mom help, like a conversation with a friend.

Regarding our information…there ARE multiple places to get information regarding food sensitivities & intolerences…unfortunately, even the experts don’t yet agree and most of the information on the internet is a compilation of opinions and personal trials.  The FAILSAFE Cookbook is our main source, however, the internet has been used a lot too…mostly for lists of what foods fall into which categories (amines, sals, etc) for our own families.   Our goal with this blog was to stay as true as possible to the “FAILSAFE ELIMINATION DIET”, however, the recipes we list have been tested and work for OUR families and are suggestions for yours.  If there is an ingredient listed that you cannot tolerate, simply omit it.  If we have an ingredient on a food list that you cannot tolerate, just ignore it.

The best advice in following this diet is to stick to the shopping list…if it’s not there, don’t eat it & when “trying” new foods/products for challenges…try a small amount, wait a few days, then try it again.  If the repeated trials all come up the same than it can be a rule for your household…I have found that doing one positive challenge does not an allowed food make!

NOTE:  different people respond differently to foods based on INDIVIDUAL body chemistry and this is NOT an exact science.  There are many factors that can “influence” a reaction…there may be an ingredient you didn’t realize was there, an outside contaminant (other foods made in the same factory), or you may have multiple allergies/intolerances which you are still figuring out, etc.  Hang in there and good luck.


Sites that have helped us:






www.everydaywithadhd.com.au/adhd-information-sheets (salicylate food chart)

Other Recipes

http://aminerecipes.com/recipe-index/ (not all FS recipes, however, she categorizes them by allergen which can then be modified to FS)

http://paper.li/FAILSAFETable/1339106053 The Australian recipe blogs..these are ok, however, the blogs are tailored to each family’s individual dietary needs, so not entirely FS & they need to be converted to US (a lot of recipes require a Thermomix which is not available in the US).



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