About the FailsafeintheUSA Moms

Beth & Kim are long time “besties” since high school.  We are from the Midwest and grew up with Midwestern values and mindsets.  We listened to the same music, worked fast food jobs together and loved to shop!

As time went on, our lives bloomed in very different ways:

1)      Kim lives in the southwest and Beth lives in the northeast corners of the United States.

2)      Kim has only girls…Beth has only boys.

3)      Kim is an architect…Beth is in social work.

Recently, our lives began to bend back towards each other & we reaffirmed how much we truly have in common:

1)      We both gave up jobs that we loved to stay at home with our special needs kids.

2)      We both have a child diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders & ADHD.

3)      We both have children with Sensory Processing disorder, anxiety, picky eating habits, anger management issues and meltdowns.

We vacationed together,  this summer, at a lake house with Beth’s mom and all 4 kids.  Beth had just started her boys on the FAILSAFE elimination diet (Sue Dengate – The FAILSAFE Cookbook) so it was decided that meals would all be prepared by us due to the cost/convenience.  Kim was interested in trying it on her girls so decided to eat that way for the week too.  Beth’s mom, who is a self-proclaimed gourmet chef,  prepared the meals which was a HUGE break for the already over-stretched moms’ schedules.  In doing so, many tips/hints/recipes were born from the FAILSAFE diet book.  We decided that we had a lot to share with the ever-growing US Failsafe population…thus this blog was born.

We hope you enjoy our blog and find our information useful.  We have organized the blog with general FAILSAFE information relevant to the US, in addition to tabs for each of us with more personal information based on our individual family’s needs/sensitivities.

We are not medical professionals or dietitians, therefore none of this information should be used as medical advice, nor to diagnose any medical conditions.  We would like to thank Sue Dengate for all of her work.


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